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We've been a part of the fabric of Australian life for over 200 years, and through our partnerships with businesses and community organisations we continue to help build healthier, vibrant and more inclusive communities across Australia.

It is important to us that all Australians are equally welcome to participate in society and we believe the most valuable outcomes are achieved through shared value, when our capabilities, our business strategy and the social needs of our communities combine. Our focus areas for shared value partnerships are:

  • Digital participation, creating opportunities for all Australians to build confidence to participate and thrive in a digital world.
  • Inclusive and connected Australia, to create programs and initiatives that reduce social isolation and exclusion.


Should I apply?

Applicants that are committed to working with Australia Post to jointly create a shared value program or initiative focusing on social and/or digital inclusion are encouraged to apply.


How will you assess my application?

We will evaluate your application against the following criteria:

Please note that we will not consider applications that support the following:

  • Fundraising for individuals (including training, equipment, travel expenses)
  • Organisations or activities that support gambling, political or religious associations or events
  • Violent, dangerous or high risk events
  • Activities that discriminate
  • Activities that damage or harm the environment
  • An event that is due to start within eight weeks of receipt of this application.


How to apply

By registering and signing in, you'll be able to save your application and continue/ complete it later.

  1. Follow the prompts at the top right hand corner of this page
  2. A log-in confirmation will be sent to your nominated email (Check your junk mail folder if you don’t receive it within 10 minutes)
  3. To complete your application, click the ‘Save and Continue’ button.


Tips for applying

  • Please be aware that only fully completed pages will be saved for your next login or continuation of the application.
  • If a page has been incorrectly completed, the question will be highlighted and you will not be able to continue without completing the question/page.
  • If you decide to complete the application as a guest, you will not be able to save your application after each page. You'll need to complete it in one session.
  • You can print a copy of the application by clicking on ‘Printable Form’ which is on the next page. This will let you find the required information before returning to complete the application.  
  • Please fill in the form by clicking on the ‘Next’ button below, making sure you answer every question. You'll be able to attach supporting information at the end of the form.
  • We only accept online applications via this portal, so please don’t email your application.

We’ll review your application against the criteria above, and will get back to you within 8 weeks.


We look forward to reading your application.

Please take me to the application form without signing in.

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